"It was a delight to work with Megan"

Our small yard provided some challenging landscape design issues. We had tight spaces, views to enhance as well as views to minimize. We had extensive rock walls on different levels we had to keep. Our desire to do away with lawn, and our wish to incorporate fruit trees and edibles into a small space added to the challenge.

Megan’s design beautifully solved all of the landscape problems our space presented. It was a delight to work with Megan. She was professional, friendly and we were thrilled to work with someone who has extensive knowledge of landscape plants. In addition to a great design, Megan gave us recommendations on everything from getting the work done to sources for interesting plants. She was available during the installation phase to troubleshoot any glitches that arose – support that was greatly appreciated.

Our yard was transformed from a poorly designed mixture of inappropriate plants, to one that has fun, interesting spaces and some really great plants.

Carol and Charlie M.

 Thanks, the pleasure has been all mine. 

 I really enjoy working with my clients!


Hiring Megan to design my garden is the best landscape investment I could have made. As a novice DIY landscaper, I needed help developing a plan that would gracefully incorporate 4800 square feet of vacant lot into my existing landscape. While I had many general ideas, I was unsure how to put them together, much less how to choose unique, sustainable plants, trees and shrubs.

The owner of a local nursery recommended Megan. At our first meeting, she listened carefully to my ideas, asked many questions about preferences and made recommendations. As she developed the plan, she met with me to discuss progress, choose between alternatives and provide additional input.

The resulting plan is a wonderful, unique combination of my ideas, and sound landscape architecture principles.

The design package she presented to me included a laminated copy of the design, a well-researched plant list, and CDs that included the design, information and photos of plant choices.

During the DIY landscaping process, Megan was available to answer my questions, give advice and encouragement. The finished product is a landscape that is beautiful, unique and functional.

Kim B.